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Should I install my new flooring before or after my new cabinets?
I like to install my new subfloor material then my cabinetry. Main reason is so I don't damage the new flooring and the second is to save some cost. If you are installing a thick flooring like hardwood then install the cabinets on a plywood that is equal to or slightly less than the thickness of the new flooring so that the counter still ends up close to the right distance off the floor.
 Can I install my laminate floating flooring tight to walls and other objects?
No, most manufactures recommend leaving a 1/4" - 1/2" space. Read your installation instructions.
Laminate flooring or hardwood?
That is a very personal choice and a lot depends on budget as well. Laminate flooring tends to generally be cheaper but there are some real high end laminates that can break the bank as well. Pets can really play havoc with a new wood floor but most laminates have a very hard surface. Weigh the pros and cons for your household.