Makan Shaggy 3cm Pile Height Polypropylene Shaggy Shag Modern Rug

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Description Thread type: Php-strips Base: Base carpet This yarn types Php-Strips Set synthetic fiber excellent color and brightness. These carpets are made from yarn very resistant to water based stains and easy to clean. The threads are...
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Thread type: Php-strips

Base: Base carpet

This yarn types Php-Strips Set synthetic fiber excellent color and brightness. These carpets are made from yarn very resistant to water based stains and easy to clean. The threads are threads Strips pressure-resistant standard, traces of objects or foot immediately return to its original shape.

This product OEKO-TEX certificate valid and is available worldwide.

Information about carpets

What you should know when choosing a carpet?

It is important to choose the carpet according to the characteristics of the area you choose to use. For high traffic areas it is recommended choosing a rug that keeps drawing and colors for a long time. When choosing a rug it is better to pay more attention to the following factors: favorite colors, amount of light, house decorations and humidity percentage.

How should be maintained daily carpets?

For prolonged use, regular cleaning of carpets is important. With a powerful vacuum cleaner carpet, at least twice a week. If you have high traffic, we recommend you vacuum the carpet every day.

Carpet should be washed?

Do not use water to wash the curtains! For a longer use of carpet it is better to clean it by wiping. Carpet Cleaning should be done only with a quality shampoo for carpets, whom it uses only foam in any water not be used. After cleaning, the carpet must not be left wet, should be spread in a shady place, in any case the sun. Carpet cleaning do not use in any case detergent, chlorine and other cleaning products.

What does the extra carpet?

Fluff mean height (wire). May vary depending on the type of carpet.No scratching the surface with sharp objects or sharp carpet.Because of heavy objects with flat feet placed directly on the floor, stretching or forced, while they warp (can bend) thread carpet, straightening the place can not do for themselves. Over time this leads to deformation of the carpet.

If the furniture placed directly on the floor leaving traces that we should do?

First we should not place the furniture on the carpet.

At regular intervals, necessarily change the location of objects on the carpet. As long as things remained on the carpet in the same place deform its surface.

What happens if you spill hot tea on the carpet?

We recommend you not pour liquids over 70 C on carpets, or promote contact with other hot surfaces. (Iron, tea, hot water etc.) If liquid been spilled on the carpet, we recommend to absorb liquid on carpet with a vacuum cleaner and, depending on the liquid spilled, use a stain remover product as directed on the product label used.

Carpet color from different angles looks different, it would be a problem?

Depending on carpets shadows change color, this is not a problem. Depending on traffic practiced (user density) on carpet surfaces there are small differences.This situation is even more pronounced especially in light colored carpets flat. To avoid this situation, replace carpet seating surfaces. Avoid carpet to expose the direct sunlight because its discoloration may occur. Change often place mat from direct sunlight or mount the curtains on the windows to avoid this situation.

How to keep the curtains that you no longer use?

When transporting or saving it, do not fold the carpet. Always when storing or transporting carpet, it must be played. The storage area should not be wet.

What should I do when I lose the extra carpet?

Losing the extra mats of staple fibers is inevitable. This will be reduced in a short time if the carpet with a powerful vacuum aspiration is done regularly.


  • Step 1 :

As soon as the stain on the carpet appeared intervene immediately. Otherwise, it would be difficult to remove, and in some cases it will be impossible to remove stains.

  • Step 2:

The basic principle of removing stains from carpet is to avoid using additional materials. Therefore, the stain on the carpet can be absorbed before starting any chemical application.

  • Step 3:

Do not rub the stain when cleaning. This will lead more striking soaking the carpet.

  • Step 4:

The carpet is a three-dimensional productAlthough initial surface was cleaned by drying instantly spots will be visible again. Since the stain is removed from the top down, bottom up and drying out so after drying, stain appears again visible on the surface of the carpet. Therefore stain removal process is done repeatedly.

  • Step 5

If in the process of removing the stain should be used shampoo, then we only use foam from the shampoo. Never use water or liquid portion of shampoo. Since these products are responsible for damaging the carpet.

  • Step 6:

Proceed to remove the stain from outside to inside. In the not spread consists success stain removal.

  • Step 7

Do not use hydrochloric acid, chlorine or other chemicals to remove stains. Using these chemicals will cause fabric damage, discoloration and its breakdown.

  • Step 8:

If stain remover recommended a particular chemical, before using the product on the stain, try it on a relatively unseen carpet to find that it does not harm the fabric and color of the carpet.