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Vendor : Cloud Walk Flooring

Product Type : Laminate Flooring

Due to our suppliers company policy we can not list the price. Please contact us at 1300 456 111 or


Dimensions:1515 mmx 237 mmx 10.3mm

Carton size:2.154sqm

Details and Specs:

The Aquamarine is Cloudwalk Flooring’s most innovative flooring design yet. Built with next generation manufacturing technology and sustainable High Density Flooring wood, the Aquamarine is a step above your usual flooring products.Our Aquamarine flooring features a waterproof interior core, durable and sturdy structure and an aesthetic pleasing visual design. If you’re looking for a great looking floor with incredible resilience and lifespan, look no further than the Aquamarine.

Aquamarine’s superior durability and sturdiness is thanks to the next generation manufacturing technology used to build it. Not only do we use High Density Flooring wood, we also use a unique glue formulation to bring and hold everything together. Combined with rigorous testing, the Aquamarine is the most stable flooring product on the market, boasting a lifespan of over 25 years.

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