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Vendor : Eco Flooring

Product Type : Hybrid

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Dimensions:229mm x 1511mm x 6mm

Box Size:2.08 m2

Details and Specs:

Ornato waterproof flooring is specifically designed to have a great look and a genuine feel akin to a real timber floor. It takes the tone of a luxury vinyl that is well covered to give the planks a rustic appearance. The uniqueness and appeal is due to the different knots and grains on the surface that are not only visual representation of real timber but a tactile one. Ornato waterproof flooring which utilises an advanced modular plank technology, offers a stylish and practical flooring solution for any office or home. The Ornato range is extensive in designs which encompass all the pros of a genuine timber article whilst requiring less maintenance. The Ornato flooring product range has high stability, is hygienic, quiet, slip resistant and easy to repair and clean.

Ornato waterproof is an overlay flooring system since it can be installed in all types of surfaces such as timber floors, tiles, plywood and concrete as long as the floor is clean, level, smooth and dry and have no large cracks. It is one of the few floors that only requires minimal care and maintenance, because it is made up of 0.55mm UV wear layers. If you follow the appropriate ways of maintenance, you will certainly increase the longevity of your floor.

Key Features:

  • Scratch and scuff resistant – due to 0.55mm surface wear layer
  • Cutting edge modular plank technology in Rigid floori
  • Glue less installation with minimal subfloor preparation
  • Supreme durability – with a 25 year guarantee available
  • Easy to clean and maintain – just a simple brush or mop.

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