Elegant Walnut Oak

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Vendor : Eco Flooring

Product Type : Hardwood Flooring

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Length2200 mm,Width220 mm,Height 14/4 mm

Box Size:2.905/m², Planks/pack6

Details and Specs:

Swish Oak gives French Oak more beautiful patina and a classic time-worn look. It has been used in French wine making for hundreds of years and now you can make beautiful floors from this exquisite wood. Swish French Oak flooring is the best with this wood coming from the French neighbour picked from the best woods in Alpine forests.Swish flooring uses only the best character grade wood. Every piece has unique beauty presented by cracks, knots and tight wood grain that make unique patterns on each board. Your floor will look like a beautifully made mosaic. Our style is inspired after having travelled in every city in France taking in every colour and pattern is inspired by the culture of each city and region.

Swish Oak Flooring range comprises of multidirectional constructed engineered boards that provide all the benefits of being structurally robust. This assembly increases the boards’ resistance to expansion and contraction from changes in humidity and temperature reducing warping or cupping. Hence these engineered boards are superior to solid Oak flooring in both durability and stability.

Key Features:

  • Extra wide boards at 2200 x 220 x 14/4mm.
  • Easy to install with the use of Valinge G5 click locking systems. • European design colours in 10 stunning styles.
  • Best for beautiful interior design.
  • Unique board colour variation. Swish French Oak changes colour and tone over time as it ages and is exposed to different seasonal changes. This variation is different from tree to tree. Colour variation gives contrast in light and dark tones.
  • Unique variety in making custom floors reflecting your lifestyle.
  • The latest trends in Australian home interior design Classic look from the invisible lacquer which gives a simple, pale finish to the boards.
  • An environmentally friendly, Swish Oak flooring uses as half as many tress as solid Oak floors. • Matching accessories.

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