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Vendor : Cloud Walk Flooring

Product Type : Hybrid

Due to our suppliers company policy we can not list the price. Please contact us at 1300 456 111 or


Dimensions:1824mm x 230mm x 6.5mm

Carton size:2.52sqm/Carton

Details and Specs:

The Super Plank features a unique hybrid build that combines plastic and sandstone to create a flooring that is able to handle high amounts of traffic and weight. With a 3 layer construction, the Super Plank lasts long, is highly scratch resistant and incredibly waterproof. Combine that with great looking textures and designs, and you have a superhero flooring that does it all.

Like a hot cup of coffee, the Fresh Mocha is able to liven up entire rooms and living spaces. Featuring classically cool designs and hybrid construction, the Fresh Mocha is durable, scratch resistant and waterproof, making it the perfect choice for busy spaces.

Key Features:

  • 100% Waterproof: Water and moisture are no match for the high quality build of the Super Plank.
  • Stable Support: The Super Plank is built to withstand and support all kinds of weight and loads.
  • AC4 Scratch Resistance: The Super Plank resists scratches and scrapes, and is able to withstand high amounts of traffic.
  • Just Like The Real Thing: With great design like ours, you’ll feel like you’re walking on the real thing.
  • Hybrid Build: The Super Plank combines plastic and sandstone for ultimate durability and support.
  • Easy Install & Maintenance: Leave the elbow grease behind with the easy installation of the Super Plank.

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